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The Royal Cinema presents: SLC PUNK 20th Anniversary + WLMRT live set!

  • The Royal Cinema 608 College Street Toronto, ON, M6G 1B4 Canada (map)

Well, it's a crazy f*cked up world and we're all just floating along waiting for someone who can walk on water, man. So why not join your pals at the The Royal in celebrating the 20th anniversary of James Merendino's cult fave SLC PUNK! Come out Sunday, October 14th for this very special one-night-only screening PLUS live set from Toronto noise punk unit WLMRT!

"Telling the world to go to hell is often the response of people who believe the world has told them to go to hell. James Merendino's "SLC Punk!'' knows that, and the essential sweetness of its hero is what makes the movie more than just an attempt to shock. It's a memory of Salt Lake City in 1985, the high Reagan era, when Stevo and Heroin Bob are, as far as they know, the only two punks in town. They embrace the anarchism embodied in Sex Pistols' songs (and there is a hilarious stoned explanation of the chaos theory), but the depth of their rebellion can be gauged by the fact that Heroin Bob (Michael Goorjian) has never taken heroin and has an irrational fear of needles."

... a film like "SLC Punk!'' will no doubt inspire knee-jerk moralists to deplore its depiction of an anarcho-punk lifestyle. But remember: A movie isn't about what it's about, but about how it's about it. What "SLC Punk'' is really about is Stevo's ironic distance on his lifestyle - about the way he lives it and analyzes it at the same time. The message isn't "live this way,'' but "look at the way you live.'' There's a little something there for all of us."
– Roger Ebert

"WLMRT is a band that smashes everything together in ways that you wouldn’t imagine. It’s like that one weird combination of food that you never thought would work but does."
– Ottawa Showbox

"Raucous and energetic, their music is infused with distorted guitars, angry vocals, and hilarious lyrics. Their music is a cacophonous revelry."
– Kazoo!


In the meantime, listen to some sweet WLMRT tunes at